About Renovia

About Renovia

Marie-Louise Tarasky is un art-therapeut, body-terapeut and author of upholsteringbooks. Between the years 1980 – 1998 She was teaching groups in the craft of upholstering in her studio at Tomtebogatan in Stockholm . The courses in upholstering developed quite soon to include the body. She has worked with meditation in motion since 1994. Over the years, she has developed her own method – theTaraSky method – which includes knowledge of areas such as Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique,Shiatsu,Pilate,Butoh dance and more. Marie-Louise also has a history in France, with experience gained from her import companie in Paris and a boutique in St Tropez with her own clothing brand.


  • An 18-year-long continuous changing art installation in a shop window,1980 – 1998.
  • Photo exhibition and performance 1994
  • Recycling,pictures and objects, 1996.
  • Part II – My cross, pictures and objects, 1996.
  • Eva-Maria, 24 hour Setup, may-september 1998.


  • The beginners upholsterer, W&W, 1982.
  • Chairs and upholstering, W&W, 1993.